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7 Best Facials For Transforming Your Skin

So you want to have glowing skin? We’d love to help you! Here at Facelogic Upland, our team of licensed estheticians is highly experienced using our professional skincare lines Eminence Organic Skin Care, Image Skincare, and HydraFacial to give you the best facials in the Inland Empire to produce radiant, truly healthy skin from the deepest layer out. In a beautifully relaxing day spa atmosphere, we will pamper you and help transform your skin, targeting your unique skin troubles, and setting you up for long-term results!

Here are the seven best facials for transforming each of the skin concerns you might be facing:

1) For General Skincare Concerns: The Hydrafacial

Whether your skin is looking a little dull, needs a refresher after a summer of sun exposure, needs a pick-me-up for an upcoming special event, or has unique areas you’d like your esthetician to treat, the HydraFacial is one of our best facials and our go-to recommendation. It’s our favorite facial because of how holistically and quickly it treats the skin. HydraFacial is a non-invasive, multi-step treatment that combines the benefits of next-level hydradermabrasion, a chemical peel, automated painless extractions (no pinching!) and a special delivery of antioxidants, hylauronic acid, and peptides. It does all of this in one quick treatment that delivers real results without downtime or irritation. Immediately after, you’ll be able to see the healing and fresh glow of transformed skin!

2) For Acne: THE ACNE LIFT

If you are dealing with acne, we recommend the chemical peel known as “The Acne Lift”. It is a facial formulated with Image Skincare products, proven to calm skin and remove blemishes. During this facial, we will use a potent blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids with anti-inflammatory agents to effectively treat and heal acne lesions. We will extract acne your currently have, healing those lesions, and we will treat your skin with gentle, healing agents to help your acne scars fade and your skin look beautiful again. We recommend this facial for transforming both teen and adult acne.


The great thing about oxygen therapy is that we can add it to almost any facial we offer. This deliciously effective add-on delivers oxygen directly into the skin to plump and smooth your face immediately, with no downtime or redness. Basically, we use a hyperbaric oxygen tool that looks like a pen to cover the skin and pump oxygen and moisture directly into it. It’ll reverse years off of your face, neck, hands, wherever! We highly recommend this add-on for your next facial.

4) For Teen Skin Issues: The Teen Facial

In this facial, we will help your teen feel confident in his/her skin again! Our Teen Facial includes deep pore cleansing, extractions, exfoliation, and a treatment mask. Not only will this deep-cleansing facial help transform your teen’s skin, but it will help them start a healthy skincare regimen that will help them continue to have radiant skin amidst hormonal changes and social pressure to look their best. Consider us their team for targeting acne, discoloration left after acne, and/or dry, irritated skin. We love helping teens feel confident again!

5) For Wrinkles: THE WRINKLE LIFT

For everything from deep wrinkles to fine lines in your skin, we recommend The Wrinkle Lift. This is also an Image Skincare chemical peel, which is great for a total resurfacing of your skin. It uses glycolic acid and retinol to visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin firm and revitalized. Also, it has buddleja stem cells reduce inflammation and diminish photo-aging. Add to that the botanical coffee and peppermint infusion, which are made to energize the skin, while eucalyptus and ylang ylang purify the skin. Your skin will be transformed from wrinkled to lively and young in as little as one facial!

6) For Pigmentation Issues: THE LIGHTENING LIFT

Whether your skin is looking uneven or just has some sun spots from this busy summer, we recommend The Lightening Lift. Formulated by the so-amazing Image Skincare, this chemical peel facial evens out complexions and removes deep pigmentation. It blends lactic and kojic acids — with a cocktail of the most innovative and effective botanical brighteners — luminsecine and seashine — with echinacea plant-derived stem cells and anti-aging peptides immediately leaving the skin younger-looking and luminous, reducing signs of pigmentation and redness caused by Rosacea. If your skin is experiencing years of pigmentation, we may recommend a series of treatments to get it to where you want it to be. The great news is that our estheticians can help you target your pigmentation issues until they are resolved, and your skin is radiant and transformed!


We have a Signature Facial designed just for men. It begins with a thorough skin analysis followed by a deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions (if requested), and mask. We also incorporate therapeutic massage into the facial to pamper him! For going even deeper, we recommend the HydraFacial for men. It is great for all skin types, and we believe men can get some of their best results through the vortex suction, extractions, and antioxidant infusion of the HydraFacial. We really believe that men can get glowing skin that leaves them feeling so clean and transforms their confidence!

The greatest thing about having a professional esthetician work on your skin is that you get the unique solutions that your skin needs. Each facial we offer is catered uniquely to your skin’s needs. We will help you by making recommendations and catering the specific products we use to help transform your skin. This customized attention in a relaxing day spa atmosphere is just what you need to become a whole new you!

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