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Why Your Skin Needs a New Year’s Detox

The holidays can take a toll on your skin- from the drying flights to New Year’s Eve makeup you never washed off and everything in-between. These environmental stressors can clog pores and cause inflammation that accelerates aging. That’s why we are thrilled that the professionals over at Eminence Organics have developed an organic facial that detoxifies, protects, and repairs your skin to revive it for a fabulous 2020! Here’s why we really believe Detox Facials are the best thing for post-holiday skin.

Why Your Skin Needs a Detox

Daily life exposes you to air pollution, blue light radiation, and the sun’s UV rays that accelerate the decline of your skin’s health.

Normally, your body’s lymphatic system clears out waste and toxins, working on damage control against the battering. However, our lifestyles tend to block the lymphatic system from doing its job because of the stagnant nature of our lives. Without it, toxins and waste collect in the skin causing cascading problems like acne, inflammation and soon after, visible signs of aging. 

So what’s the solution? How can you save your skin from things that naturally occur around you on a daily basis? A detox facial.

Detox stimulates a healthier environment for the skin and can encourage increased production of collagen and elastin. These changes can help increase cell turnover and improve the skin barrier overall.

Alicia Hawthorne, Product Support Representative, Eminence Organics

Basically, when you remove impurities, pollutants, and dead skin through a Detox Facial, it revitalizes your skin, for a healthier, deeper, long-lasting glow. 

What Ingredients Do We Use To Detox Your Skin?

In professional skin care, there are a few ingredients that skincare therapists look for in a good detox facial. Here are five we always use because of their powerful detoxifying properties:


A strong agent in the latest skin care lines is mushroom. Mushrooms, classified as adaptogens, act as helpers to the body to adapt to changes and work to restore balance. Reishi mushrooms are some of the most well-known because of how they can regenerate the skin. They have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities. We could go on and on! But we’ll just say this: their 400+ bio-active compounds benefit the body and skin. 


As their name suggests, these miniature plants, including clover, radish, and broccoli that contain four to six times more nutrients than their mature varieties. The vitamins and minerals in them boost the skin’s health as well as your whole body’s health. If you ate them, your body would love it. If you put them on your skin, your skin will love it!

All these nutrients are extremely important for skin, eyes, and fighting cancer and have all sorts of benefits associated with them.

Dr. Gene Lester, researcher from The USDA

Birch Water

There is a specific sap found in Birch trees that is brimming with electrolytes, flavonoids, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, and vitamins. Wow, right?! Eminence Organics’ Lead Skin Care Trainer Natalie Pergar named it “nature’s sports drink” because of how well it restores skin and enhances its health. Consumed as a beverage in northern Europe and China for centuries, birch water is now bottled up by Eminence Organics to use during the Detox Facial to take advantage of birch water’s hydration and antioxidants.

Vitamin C

You’ve probably heard that vitamin C is great for your immune system, but did you know that it’s extraordinary for your skin and anti-aging. As a potent antioxidant, it is essential for the body’s tissue repair, development, and growth. Natalie explains: “Vitamin C is an incredibly effective nutrient for your body and an all-around savior for skin care. It’s been found to help prevent UV damage, reduce pigmentation, reduce inflammation and boost collagen production in the skin.” Vitamin C cannot be produced by the human body, therefore it must be delivered well through absorption to the body’s largest organ: the skin. 

Vitamin C is an incredibly effective nutrient for your body and an all-around savior for skin care. It’s been found to help prevent UV damage, reduce pigmentation, reduce inflammation and boost collagen production in the skin.

Natalie Pergar, Lead Skincare Trainer, Eminence Organics


The final major ingredient to look for is clay- known for its powerful detoxifying properties. Eminence Organics International Trainer Jude Herrera says: “Clays help detoxify the skin and draw out impurities and oils to its surface.” Like a natural magnet, impurities such as toxins and bacteria deep in the skin are drawn out from pores. Oily or acne-prone skin get the best results clay because it restores balance and complexion.

skincare spa organic detox facial

What Can I Expect During a Detox Facial?

When you come to Facelogic Upland, we truly believe you will get the best skincare experience in the Inland Empire! We have extremely well-educated skincare therapists, who will lead you through a series of treatments to help your skin detox and become radiant again. Here’s what we do…

First, we cleanse your face! The first thing we’ll do when you arrive for your Eminence Organics Detox Facial is double cleanse what is sitting on the surface of your skin: makeup, particles from the air, or bacteria from your pillowcase. We use organic stone crop oil, microgreens, and birch water in the cleansing process, so your skin is truly clean on the deepest level.

Next, we exfoliate! Next, we exfoliate your skin with an oxygenating fizzoliant, which revitalizes and invigorates the skin to remove impurities. We, then, turn to clay…

Then, you’ll receive a deliciously-creamy masque! Clay masks are amazing. They have been scientifically proven to oxygenate cells, regulate sebum (your skin’s natural barrier) production, and unclog and shrink pores. We use an organic clay mask that tightens your skin’s appearance and minimizes the drying effects of air pollution. This also helps de-puff your face and eyes, and it detoxifies and purifies the skin, leaving it softer, smoother, and glowing.

Then, we do a lymphatic drainage face and neck massage! Then, your skincare therapist will provide you with a facial massage to promote lymphatic drainage. We use organic “Facial Recovery Oil” (from Eminence Organics), massaged for five to seven minutes into your skin to encourage the movement of your lymph fluids to drain away toxins and waste.

Next, serum! Then, we will give your skin a delicious bath of organic antioxidant-rich serum with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and ferulic acid to diminish signs of fatigue and pore size. 

Finally, moisture! Finally, we moisturize your skin. Your skincare therapist will never use any products that would potentially clog your pores, so you can be assured that our organic moisturizers, full of snow and reishi mushrooms will do wonders for your thirsty skin.

Book Your Detox Facial Today!

So, as you can see, we are OBSESSED with Eminence Organic’s Detox Facial, and we know your skin will be revived and renewed for 2020 and beyond, after you come see us!

Call (909) 949-0385 to schedule your Detox Facial now! We look forward to seeing you in the Spa!

And, if you would like to take any detoxifying products from Eminence Organic Skin Care home after your Detox Facial, just let your skincare therapist know, and we will be happy to show you where they are in our product boutique.

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